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Visitor FAQs

How do I find out what room a patient is in?

Room inquiries should be made with the hospital receptionist. (The receptionist’s desk is staffed during normal business hours and is located in the lobby on the east side of the Hospital.) After normal business hours or on weekends, please make inquires at the main nurses’ station located just inside the Emergency room entrance on the west side of the building.

How do I enter the hospital after hours?

Visitors needing admittance to the hospital after normal business hours must enter through the Emergency Room entrance on the east side of the building.

When are visiting hours?

Visiting hours are from 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Are children allowed to visit patients at Memorial Hospital?

Generally, children of any age may be admitted to the rooms of a parent or sibling upon approval by the attending nurse. Visitors may be restricted by age in certain clinical areas of the hospital.

Where is the hospital cafeteria? What are its hours of operation?

The cafeteria is located just to the North of the East Main Lobby. (Please refer to the campus map.) The cafeteria has limited service for visitors so please ask about meal services. Coffee, tea and water are always available.

Where are vending machines located?

Vending machines are located in the cafeteria.

Where do I go to pick someone up who has just been discharged from the hospital?

Please park on the east side of the campus and enter through the Emergency Room entrance. When the patient is discharged, you may pull up under the canopy to give the patient direct access to your vehicle. Please do not leave your car unattended under the canopy as this space is used for the delivery of critical care patients.

Where do I park when visiting a patient?

Visitors to Memorial Hospital should park on the East side of the campus and enter through the main lobby. Please refer to the campus map for additional details.

Can I use my cell phone inside the hospital?

Cell phone use is permitted within the hospital; however, cell phone use is restricted around all electronic medical equipment. Absolutely no patient pictures may be taken without the patient’s permission. Procedural pictures may be restricted by the attending physician.

Please note, cell phone reception is very poor within the hospital. Visitors are advised to make calls from outside the building or to use the public pay phone located by the East Main Lobby.

Can I stay overnight with a patient?

A visitor may stay overnight at the hospital upon approval by the attending nurse. Overnight stays are generally limited to immediate family members of a minor child or of a critically ill patient.

Do visitors have to sign in?

Visitors are not required to sign in.

Are there designated smoking areas on the premises?

No. Memorial Community Health is a completely smoke free campus.

Is there anything I can’t take into the hospital when I visit?

Pets, firearms, illicit drugs and alcohol are not allowed on the premises. Outside food, drink, and medications are not allowed without approval from the attending nurse.

Can a patient receive mail or flowers to their room?

Mail is always welcome to patients at Memorial Hospital. Remember, though, that hospital stays are generally very short, not leaving much time for mail to arrive during their stay. Sending cards and mail to their home address will often reach the patient quicker. Floral deliveries are generally acceptable unless the patient is sensitive or allergic to plants. Latex balloons are not allowed in patient rooms.

Is there a hospital gift shop or florist?

No, the hospital does not have an internal gift shop or florist. Friends or family members wishing to have a delivery made to a patient at Memorial Hospital are encouraged to contact a local florist:

Aurora Floral Co


Honeysuckle Lane Floral & Gift


Does the hospital have a chapel or chaplains available?

A chapel is part of Memorial Hospital’s ongoing remodeling and expansion project, but there is not one currently available. Visitors or patients who would like the services of a chaplain are encouraged to inquire with the attending nurse who will arrange for appropriate pastoral care.

Is there an on-site ATM?


Where are public pay phones located?

There is a public pay phone located by the East Main Lobby.

How do I reach a patient by phone?

Upon admission, the patient and any accompanying party will be informed of the telephone number that is assigned to the patient’s room. Visitors may get the phone number from the patient or other friend or family member. Visitors may call the main hospital number, 402-694-3171, to be connected to the patient’s room.

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