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Visitors Guide

*Please note that due to COVID-19, our visitor policies may include certain conditions or restrictions. 

For more information on current visitor policies, call: 

  • Memorial Hospital  402-694-3171
  • Memorial Health Clinic 402-694-3191
  • Memorial Community Care 402-694-8230
  • East Park Villa, call 402-694-2300

Visiting Hours

General visiting hours are open 24/7.

Visitor Restrictions

Memorial Hospital recognizes that visits from loved ones can be comforting and encouraging to patients. For this reason we try to accommodate visitor requests as long as they do not jeopardize the health of the patient.


Patient parking for both Memorial Hospital and Memorial Health Clinic is available on the West side of the campus. Visitor parking is available on the East side of the campus. Please refer to the campus map for additional details.


Limited cafeteria service is available for visitors. Please ask an attending nurse for information. Twenty-four hour vending machines are located in the cafeteria.

Visitors Lounges

Waiting rooms are located throughout Memorial Hospital.

Waiting Room
The main hospital waiting room features comfortable seating, a television, and mini-bar with dining table.

Contact Us

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Thanks for the wonderful care. It was great to know I was always in good hands.