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Jeffrey J. Muilenburg, M.D.

Hometown: Salina, KS
Med School Degree: University of Kansas
Residency: University of Kansas
Year Began: 1992

Specializing in Family Medicine

Why did you choose family medicine? From a young age, I knew that healthcare was an interest of mine. When I was six years old, I dreamed of becoming a doctor to the astronauts. Although I now specialize in family medicine, those childhood dreams paved the way for my current healthcare career.

What do you enjoy most about being a provider and working at MCHI? I enjoy spending time and getting to know my patients and the individuals who make up our local communities. Working at MCHI provides a supportive environment that prioritizes patient care.

What can a patient expect during a visit with you? During a visit with me, the patient can expect a personalized and patient-centered experience. Together, we'll collaboratively discuss treatment options, address any questions or uncertainties, and work towards a healthcare plan that aligns with their individual needs and goals. My focus is always on ensuring the patient feels heard, supported, and actively involved in their own healthcare journey.

What's one thing you want people to remember most about taking care of their health? I want people to remember that they are not alone in their healthcare journey. Your health matters to me and I am here to collaborate with you on a path to optimal well-being.

What are your favorite things to do in your free time? I spend my free time reading, exercising, watching movies, and spending time at my church.


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Thanks for the wonderful care. It was great to know I was always in good hands.