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OB Care & Childbirth Education

The birth of a child is a special time in life and we are honored to share in these moments with you! 

Memorial Community Health is pleased to offer childbirth education to expectant mothers and families and work alongside OB/GYN providers who provide obstetrical care.

Our OB Shared Care model consists of referring newly confirmed pregnant patients to an OB/GYN of your choice. This offers continuity of care for the management of your pregnancy along with delivery at a designated facility.

MCHI offers the convenience of appointments with OB/GYN specialists in Aurora. Dr. Molly Johnson is here at MCHI for clinic on the 2nd Wednesday of the month, and Dr. Matthew Brennan is here on the 4th Friday of the month. For more information, click HERE.

Throughout your pregnancy, our focus is on supporting your overall care. For your convenience, a variety of prenatal testing and postnatal care is available at MCHI, including:

  • 4D ultrasounds for advanced imaging of baby
  • Maternal and fetal monitoring
  • Ultrasound to measure amniotic fluid levels in high-risk pregnancies
  • Lab testing, and more.

Once baby arrives and you return home, excellent postpartum, newborn, and family care is available right here at MCHI, close to home.

MCHI also has Certified Lactation Counselors on staff who are available to assist with any breastfeeding and newborn feeding concerns.

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New Mom

Everyone did such an excellent job listening to my concerns and making sure my baby and I had the right care when we needed it.