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Childbirth Classes

You’ll never forget the day you give birth. We are here to care for you before and after delivery!

Make sure you are fully prepared for this special experience by attending MCHI’s childbirth classes.  Classes are free for MCHI patients or $50 for non-MCHI patients (ask about financial assistance). 

For more information or to register for classes, call 402-694-8249 or e-mail 


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Classes are held in three weekly sessions covering the following three areas.  All classes are held in the Conference Room at Memorial Hospital, 1423 7th Street, Aurora.

Childbirth & Delivery  

Gather information on what to expect during labor and delivery, including labor techniques and stages, pain management, and the role of the labor coach. Note: we also offer HypnoBirthing Classes for a more gentle birthing experience. 

This class session teaches new mothers how to care for themselves and how to care for their newborn.  It includes the daily basics such as diaper changes, umbilical cord care, daily routines.  We’ll talk about physical changes for mom, self-care, emotions, and more.  

The Golden Hour & Breastfeeding Basics 
Learn about the importance of the Golden Hour immediately after the delivery of your baby. Watch an informational video guiding you through each stage of this magical and natural experience. Learn why incorporating the Golden Hour will help your breastfeeding journey in the long run, as well as getting your baby off to the best possible start. We will then cover basics of breastfeeding, how to know if your baby is getting enough milk, and how to achieve a painless latch. Our team of trained nurses and lactation counselors are here to make sure you find success in your breastfeeding journey. This class offers a great opportunity in showing you where to start and why breastfeeding is so important!  For more information about our Lactation and Breastfeeding Support, click HERE. 


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