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Labor and Delivery

Labor and Delivery Room
Large labor and delivery suites provide a home-like atmosphere.

Memorial Hospital offers state-of-the-art amenities and equipment for labor and delivery. Newly remodeled labor and delivery suites are designed to provide a home-like atmosphere. For cesarean births, Memorial Hospital’s recently completed Wortman Surgery Center offers patients the latest in surgical technology.

An experienced labor and delivery nurse provides information, support, and encouragement to you throughout the labor and delivery process. Your physician will also be available during labor and will preside over the delivery process ensuring the well-being of both you and your child. A spouse or birthing partner is encouraged to take an active role in your labor and delivery and is welcome to stay overnight to provide additional support.

External fetal monitoring will be conducted periodically throughout labor to ensure the health and wellness of you and your baby. Beyond these periodic monitoring sessions, most women are able to experience the benefits of mobility throughout their labor.

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Jessica Thomas
Birth Center Supervisor





I felt cared about and cared for by everyone who attended to me. I was not just a number on the list to check off.