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Following delivery and the immediate aftercare of you and your baby, you will be moved to a private postpartum room. These comfortable rooms are designed to help you relax, recover, and enjoy your first days as a new family.

As the mother, you will be able to choose to what degree your baby utilizes the hospital’s nursery and infant care staff. You may wish to have the baby stay in your room the entire time or you may want to have the baby spend time in our secure nursery in order for you to rest and regain your energy. Regardless of which option you choose, it’s important to know that Memorial Hospital takes the safety of you and your baby very seriously. Numerous safety features including a video monitoring system and locked nursery bring peace of mind to new parents when separated from their newborns.

A team of experienced postpartum nurses will monitor the physical well being of you and your baby following delivery. In addition to overseeing your recovery, our caring and compassionate nurses strive to provide educational support in all aspects of baby care including feeding, bathing, umbilical cord treatment, cleaning of the circumcision wound (if applicable), annd safe infant sleep. Our certified lactation counseloors are available for support and advice for breastfeeding moms.

We encourage your questions, both while you are in our care and after you return home. A member of the postpartum nursing team is also available for an in-home visit within the first week or two of your child’s life to provide further support and guidance.

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New Mom

Everyone did such an excellent job listening to my concerns and making sure my baby and I had the right care when we needed it.