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Wellness Education

At MCHI nothing is more important than your health. In addition to offering top-level medical care, MCHI recognizes that prevention through wellness programming is an important part of living a happy, healthy life. MCHI’s Wellness Program, LiveWell WorkWell, offers health and wellness education in several areas including nutrition counseling, physical activity and exercise programming, and lifestyle-related disease risk reduction.

In addition to individual wellness education, MCHI also offers several levels of worksite wellness programming, some available for little or no charge. Beginning with needs assessments and evaluation of employee health and wellness interests, wellness programs can expand from simple information sharing to adoption as part of the corporate culture.

Contact MCHI’s wellness coordinator today for more information and details about starting employee wellness programs at your worksite.

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Web-based tools to increase your knowledge and help you adopt positive lifestyle changes include:


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Wellness Education



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