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50 Years of Moments That Matter

For generations, the names "Woodard" and "Steenburg" were synonymous with healthcare in Hamilton County.  Dr. Daniel Woodard arrived in 1882 and was the area's first physician and surgeon.  He was soon joined by Dr. E.A. Steenburg (and others).  Over their decades of service, these medical men witnessed the evolution of healthcare from horse and buggy house calls to high-tech hospitalizations.  They also left a legacy of compassionate and progressive care that resonates still today at Memorial Community Health.

As we mark a milestone in our history by sharing our story, we're reminded that it's your story, too.  Memorial Hospital always has been and always will be a hospital of the people, by the people, and for the people.

It's been our great honor to share in 50 years of moments that matter with you and your loved ones.


A Legacy of Care

Kyler Eberly is an active little boy with a shy grin and shock of blond hair sweeping his forehead.  He’s seen around Memorial Community Health occasionally – and not just when he needs routine health care, but also when visiting family members that work here.  But his connection to Memorial Community Health does not stop there. 

Kyler is the youngest of his family.  Both he and his older brother were born at Memorial Hospital as were both of his parents.  Go back a generation further and you’ll discover his maternal grandmother was also born at an Aurora hospital (MCHI’s predecessor hospital located by the railroad depot). 

While this information is perhaps interesting, it isn’t particularly unique.  All across Hamilton County, there are scores of families who for generations have entrusted their most critical moments to the caring professionals at Memorial Community Health. 

But at this point in our story, Kyler’s narrative becomes different than most. Case in point – Kyler’s maternal grandmother helped deliver Kyler’s father.  (She was employed as an OB nurse at Memorial Hospital at that time.)  She still works here today, only now as CEO.

Kyler’s mother works here, too (as an occupational therapist).  And multiple family members continue to have their health care needs met at Memorial Community Care including both sets of Kyler’s grandparents.   From basic checkups to advanced surgeries and end of life care, Kyler’s family has been utilizing the services provided by our organization for 50 years. 

We’re proud that Kyler represents the fourth generation of his family to be served by Memorial Community Helath.   But we’re more proud of the fact that this family with all of its insight into medical best practices and treatment options, continues to hand over its most prized possessions to our organization for care.  

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Thanks for the wonderful care. It was great to know I was always in good hands.