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Digital X-Ray Now Available at Memorial Health Clinic in Clay Center

Published on October 8, 2021

Memorial Community Health, Inc. (MCHI) in Aurora is pleased to announce the addition of a digital X-Ray machine to their Clay Center clinic location. The new X-Ray imaging technology is now available for use, offering patients access to local screening capabilities.

"We couldn't be more excited to offer this new service to the community," says Diane Keller, MCHI's CEO. "Knowing there was a need, we specifically planned a space for future X-ray services when we built the new clinic in Clay Center in 2019."

MCHI board member, Ken Spray added that, "As a resident of Clay County, I know how important it is to have medical services available close to home. It's been rewarding to be a part of bringing the new clinic to Clay Center, and now adding X-ray services provides additional access to quality care and diagnosis locally."Aundrea Cyrus, CMA/Radiologic Technologist at MHC in Clay Center, demonstrates new digital X-Ray.

Installation by Brown's Medical Imaging began in mid-August. Once installed, the new X-ray equipment went through a series of processes to test for accuracy and precision, following by obtaining the required certifications designating the equipment safe and effective for operation. The next steps involved applications training for staff and a complete run through of processes and procedures to assure a smooth workflow was in place before making the X-ray machine available for public use.

Keller further added that, "The benefits of having an x-ray machine close to home offers convenience, eliminating the need to travel a distance away for a broad range of diagnostic tests and emergencies. Once images are captured within the MCHI system, radiologists have access to read and interpret the captured images, offering a quicker diagnosis so a plan for treatment may begin."

"We are grateful to the community for their support of our initial fundraising efforts to acquire the X-ray machine for the clinic," commented Spray. "Those funds, together with special funds approved through our operations board, have made the effort of having an X-ray machine in Clay Center a reality."Aundrea Cyrus, CMA/Radiologic Technologist at MHC in Clay Center, demonstrates new digital X-Ray.

X-ray services are in addition to the primary care services offered in the Clay Center clinic. Memorial Health Clinic's family medicine providers are available to see patients of all ages for wellness and preventative care, as well as, for diagnosis and treatment for a broad range of injuries and illness.

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, call Memorial Health Clinic at 402-762-3236.

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About X-ray
X-Ray technology allows healthcare providers to diagnose and treat a variety of conditions frequently seen in the clinic setting. General X-ray includes imaging of the chest, abdomen, spine, skull, extremities, pelvis and hips. These procedures are often used to evaluate suspected fractures and other indications of injury or abnormality. Conditions that may also call for an
X-ray include:

• conditions affecting your lungs
• injuries or fractures
• osteoporosis
• bone cancer
• arthritis
• digestive problems
• enlarged heart
• infections
• swallowed items