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Heart screening in our community just got easier.

Published on December 12, 2012


Unlike some diseases, cardiovascular disease can largely be predicted and prevented. However, over 79 million Americans have heart disease and don’t even know they have it.

To build healthier lives free of cardiovascular disease, MCHI and Bryan Health are introducing HeartAware, an innovative early detection program developed to identify persons in your community at risk for heart disease. Bryan Health has seen the success of the HeartAware program over the past five years in Lincoln and the region in saving lives.

HeartAware is an online evaluation that asks participants to answer a series of questions about their health, lifestyle and family history. To access the HeartAware test, click the HeartAware button (above) or click here. The test is free, confidential and takes only seven minutes. Upon completion, each person receives a customized report of their risk factors and recommendations for improving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

If two or more risk factors are found, MCHI will offer a free follow-up consultation by a cardiac nurse at MCHI.  This 30 minute screening will include a full lipid panel profile followed by risk factor education.  This program is not intended to disrupt or assume the patient physician relationship. In fact, individuals found to be at risk are advised to contact their family physician.

The key to reducing heart disease is through proper education and awareness.  Achieving our goal to save lives is as easy as taking the HeartAware Risk Screening.