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Memorial Community Health Kicks-Off Patient and Family Advisory Council

Published on September 3, 2019
Memorial Community Health, Inc. (MCHI) is pleased to announce the launch of a Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC).  The mission of the PFAC is to foster a partnership between the community and MCHI health care team with a goal of enhancing the delivery of the highest standard of safe, comprehensive, and compassionate care. 
The council’s membership consists of past and current patients, residents and family members, as well as representatives from the clinical and administrative staff at MCHI.  In total, there are 17 members.
Through the PFAC structure, MCHI team members will have the opportunity to better understand the needs of patients, residents, and their families - and as a result, develop new projects and initiatives that will help to evaluate and improve care delivery.
 “Patients, residents, and their families are often the most knowledgeable members of the care team, and can offer unique perspectives and valuable feedback regarding the standard of care they receive,” commented Jamie Dibbern, RN, BSN, clinical coordinator and co-chair of the PFAC for MCHI.  “We are excited to work with council members and look forward to hearing what they have to say – what we’re doing well, and what can be improved upon to better serve our community.”  
Patient and Family Advisory Council Goals:
  • To expand the voices of patients, residents, and families

  • To identify opportunities for improving the patient, resident, and family experience

  • To serve as an advisory resource to administration and staff

  • To serve as a vital link between the community and the MCHI health care system

For more information, or if you have interest in serving as a member of the PFAC in the future, please contact Jamie Dibbern by phone at 402-694-8289 or by email at